SIJANG is run by husband & wife duo Chris and Kaitlyn Fitzner and is based out of Richmond, VA. With a background that includes catering, over a decade of restaurant experience, and lovers of food, we are no strangers when it comes to the kitchen.

As a big condiment & sauce household, we set out to create a low calorie chili crunch condiment that delivered a nice balanced heat using a combination of chiles, no sugar or additives, and all-natural ingredients.

In the months developing our chili crunch, we took inspiration from the many types of chili oil based condiments all around the world like Mexican salsa machas, Syrian Aleppo chili oils, Chinese chili crisps and Calabrian chili oils. With several rounds of variations + testing and collecting feedback, we finally landed on a low calorie, all-natural chili crunch condiment that we are proud of.

We have plans to continue to develop the chili crunch and launch a full line of delicious condiments and sauces - looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you!


The Korean word for market is Sijang (Korean: 시장).

Just like a market, you'll find many things from around the world. SIJANG has had many forms - in a previous life, it was our catering company that served our fusion Korean x Mexican tacos that we developed, we launched and hosted a unique live art battle series with local artists, and we even created Brazilian Jiu Jitsu patches.

SIJANG is our brand that represents everything we love when it comes to food, design and cool stuff. Just like a market, SIJANG is a little bit of everything and takes inspiration from cultures all around the world with respect.